My name is Antero Joki. I am a 51 year old freediver who hasn’t been training much for few years. I started freediving when I was 35 years of age and first I had no interest to compete, ever. Then I was talked over to attend a national competition because it was a team competition then. Two of my friends needed a third member to the team and finally I said yes. I enjoyed the competition and did actually better in competition than in training before. Then the final hook was my first depth competition in 2003. It was the first depth competition ever in Finland as well. I was very nervous before my dive but just one big smile coming up since I turned at the bottom plate. The feeling was amazing and after that I just wanted to compete more. Now after 14 world championships and many other competitions I can say that it has been worth it. Wonderful memories and great number of extremely nice people has come across my path during these years. Also the personal growth through freediving has improved me a lot as a person.