Päijänne on the Rocks 2020



Surroundings in the event will be absolutely wonderful since the location is a fantastic holiday resort Lehmonkärki. The wood heated sauna on the shore has a glass wall to the lake and accommodation will be in luxury villas in double rooms by the lake. All villas have saunas, fireplaces, equipped kitchens and cosy interiors.

Lehmonkärki has also a variation of winter activities offered by them or by co-operative companies such as skidoo driving, ice fishing, skiing and many others. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any requests or wishes.

Basic package will include the accommodation for two nights, from Friday the 20th to Sunday the 22nd. The other possibility will be 4 days (from Wednesday the 18th to Sunday the 22th).  If you have any other wishes, please, send us an email and express them.

There is no grocery shop nearby the resort. Every shopping possibility is so far you will need a car to get there. Always possible to ask people with cars to help you and also the local taxi is available, ask mobile number if necessary.

Prices per person:

Participation fee weekend (Fri-Sun)                              350 €

Participation fee four days (Wed-Sun)                         490 €

Participation fee includes accommodation in double/twin room, bed linens and towels in villa, the special dinner at Saturday evening, all the diving and all the saunas during the program. (Transportation not included)


Antero Joki

Antero Joki is a highly experienced freediver having represented team Finland in 15 world championships so far. He has the Finnish national records in all four competitive depth disciplines. Antero has grown near Lake Päijänne and has been training several years in this drinkable lake. Antero is also freediving instructor trainer and the trainer of the German freediving national team. He was AIDA International Technical Officer from 2012 to 2017 and he has also organised several world record dives under the ice.

Special events

DNF without a suit under ice world record

Johanna Nordblad made her Guinness World Record – freediving under ice no fins no suit – in Päijänne on the Rocks 2015.

DYN under ice world record

My friend, Arthur Guerin Boëri, the man who made the first time ever a 300 meter long dive in a pool, did another record dive under the ice of the Lake Sonnanen, Finland. Check the video below.

The record dive event was organised by Antero Joki, the owner of Päijänne on the Rocks. He was taking care of the accommodation and logistics, planning and building the track, looking after all the safety issues, finding the safety divers and briefing them. Thank you all safety divers and special thanks to Ville Laine from Sukelluskeskus EW Dive Oy (https://ewdive.com/) and Lars Skofelt from Latemar Oy (https://www.latemar.fi/).

“One Breath Around the World” 

When Guillaume Nery and Julie Gautier-Nery were filming their amazing video “One Breath Around the World” they needed a place to film under ice. Of course that was found in Finland. Antero Joki/ Päijänne on the Rocks organised the location and prepared everything for the film crew to do their job. EW Dive supported with scuba equipment for photographers. Do you like the result?

CWT under ice world record

New Zealander living in Australia, Ant Williams, had a dream of making the deepest freedive under ice in the world. He came to Päijänne on the Rocks for the first time at 2017 for training and two years later he returned. After Päijänne on the Rocks we traveled to Norway to make the record since the Lake Päijänne was not deep enough. The whole expedition to Norway was amazing and crowned by Ant’s fantastic world record. A trip to remember!

Contact & registration

For further information please feel free to contact me via Email or Phone:

Email: antero@OT-freediving.com

Mobile: +49 1520 2796658

If you are interested in taking part of this nice event please send me these details I need:

  • Name, Surname
  • Email
  • Address (street & house number)
  • City
  • Postal code
  • Mobile number with country code
  • Diving Certification: level, organisation and year
  • If wishes for the roommate the name the person you would like share the room with
  • The need of transportation between Lehmonkärki and Sonnanen at Thursday
  • If you will need lead during the event – how many kilos? (from each kilo deposit is 10€ and when returned you will get 5€/kg back) – without reservation no guarantee of weights.
  • Other questions