About Antero

Who is the man behind OT Freediving? Antero Joki, a highly experienced freediver from Finland and now based in Southern Germany, in Munich. He has represented team Finland in 14 World Championships so far and he has done several national records. He grew up near Lake Päijänne and trained several years swimming and diving in this drinkable lake. Antero is not only a freediver, to share his love for this sport he became freediving instructor and since https://www.slotsups.com toptenreviews laptop 2013 also freediving instructor trainer. From 2012 to 2017 he worked in executive board of AIDA International freediving as the Technical Officer. The AIDA International is the leading organisation in competitive freediving, developing and organizing all rules for freediving competitions and safety procedures. Since 2016 he is the trainer of the German freediving national team, training the athletes to go to their limits. Antero is also a DAN (Divers Alert Network) Instructor teaching first aid courses and oxygen provider courses when needed.

Furthermore Antero is the main organiser in annual ice diving event Päijänne on the Rocks. This event is purely for the fun of getting together and enjoying the wonderful calmness and peace under the ice.

The latest project from Antero is called U-52. There his goal is in 2019 AIDA Freediving World Championships and diving without fins more that 80 meters deep. That discipline is called CNF and so far there is only 9 persons in the world that have done 80 m or more.You can follow Antero’s training and preparation for this big challenge in Facebook @projectU52 or in the www.U-52.com.

Antero’s personal best results so far:

STA        7 min 23 sec

DYN       182 m

DNF       128 m

CWT      100 m

CNF       73 m

FIM        87 m

Watch Antero’s videos doing some of https://www.slotsups.com toptenreviews laptop his freediving Finnish records: